Pentecost this year was especially meaningful to the Community of St Gregory the Great and the Congregation of Saint Athanasius.  We celebrated the Rite of Welcome for Jeremy. An evangelical and the son of a pastor, Jeremy made the decision to become Catholic and join through the Ordinariate.

The Rite of Welcome goes back to the early church. An early Christian treatise entitled Apostolic Tradition dating back to Hippolytus of Rome (235 AD) gives instructions for those coming in the Church. Jeremy has now completed the first of three phases. In the presence of his two sponsors and the Community of St Gregory the Great and the Congregation of Saint Athanasius, Father Bradford traced the sign of the cross with consecrated oil on Jeremy’s forehead. Prayers were said and the kiss of peace was given after Jeremy made his commitment of intent to become Catholic.

Between now and when he is received, Jeremy will grow in his understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church. It will be a time of instruction and self-reflection, with the aid of his two sponsors, as he discovers the wonder and joy that exist within Catholicism. Our commitment to him (and his family) is to uphold him in prayer during this special period. Welcome, Jeremy!