The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham includes the United Kingdom. It was the first of the Personal Ordinariates and was established in 2011. A monthly magazine, THE PORTAL, is for those in the Personal Ordinariates of the Catholic Church,  Anglicans who are interested in the Ordinariate, and all Catholic friends of the Ordinariates.

Click here to view the October 2017 edition of THE PORTAL on our sister community’s website.

This month’s edition includes:

  • Portal Comment: “Catholic Women of the Year”
  • “LOGS, Political Correctness….” by Joanna Bogle
  • “Snapdragon has been dreaming – again!”
  • “Robes and layout” by Fr. Mark Woodruff
  • “A Catholic Country Parson!” by Fr. Stephen Lambert” by Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane
  • “Ordinariate Festival 2017” —  Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane report from Westminster
  • Thoughts on Newman: “Converts: Newcomers should remember their station or should they?” asks the Reverend Dr. Stephen Morgan
  • Anglican News: “Transgender and the CofE — the Reverend Paul Benfield reports on a General Synod debate
  • Ordinary down under: Monsignor Keith Newton reflects on the meeting of the three Ordinaries
  • Ordinariate Groups around the UK
  • “The Ordinary’s Diary”
  • News from the  Ordinariate: Ratcliffe College and Ordinations to the Sacred Priesthood
  • “Booklet published for Novena in Honour of Our Lady of Walsingham”
  • “A stone uncovered,” a review by Fr. Simon Heans of Freemasonry and the Christian Faith by Fr. Ashley Beck
  • Aid to the Church in Need: “With God’s help we will rebuild” by Murcadha O Flaherty
  • “Tips for the growth of an Ordinariate Group” by Shane Schaetzel.
  • RIP Monsignor Augustine Hoey
  • “Loyalty and its consequences” by Ronald Crane
  • “Are practising Catholics welcome in public life?” by Geoffrey Kirk