The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham includes the United Kingdom. Established in 2011, it was the first of the Personal Ordinariates. A monthly magazine, THE PORTAL, is for those in the Personal Ordinariates of the Catholic Church,  Anglicans who are interested in the Ordinariate, and all Catholic friends of the Ordinariates.

Click here to view the March 2018 edition of THE PORTAL on our sister community’s website:

  • Portal Comment: Will Burton reflects in “Trawling the Blogs”
  • “Relationships and Education” by Joanna Bogle 
  • “Huddon and Duddon and Daniel O’Leary” by Snapdragon 
  • In “Catholic Liturgy is Diverse,” Fr Mark Woodruff outlines three Catholic Church traditions, Ordinariate, Byzantine, and Alexandrine 
  • Caritas Anchor House” by Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane 
  • Catholic Social Teaching: “Claiming our Anglican  Patrimony” by Fr Ashley Beck 
  • Thoughts on Newman: “Newman on Clarity” by Revd Dr Stephen Morgan
  • The Portal Interview: “Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane meet Richard Hawker of The Friends of the Ordinariate”
  • “Britain’s Second City”  Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane visit the Birmingham Group
  • “Safety, Insurance, Prayer and Faith,” Donato Tallo on an issue raised by Bishop Philip Egan
  • “Catholic Women of the Year”
  • “Rosary on the Coast for Faith, Life & Peace in the British Isles” by Antonia Moffat
  • Aid to the Church in Need: “The Church’s work in Iraq: ‘A story of life’” by Murcadha O Flaherty 
  • Geoffrey Kirk wonders if it really is “… a ‘paradigm shift’”