Click here to view the February 2019 edition of The Portal on our sister community’s website. Members of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in the United Kingdom publish The Portal monthly.

It features news and comment, events, personalities, Catholic teaching, letters, features, Catholic and Anglican history as well as news from Ordinariate missions around the UK.

This edition includes:

  • Page 3 “Three New Deacons” reported by Keith Brown
  • Page 4 “Mob bullying & homosexuality” by Joanna Bogle
  • Page 5 “The Ordinariate way of our patrimony” by Snapdragon
  • Page 6 “Balancing Act” by Julia Beacroft
  • Page 7 “Here am I Lord…” Ronald Crane speaks to Sister Marie Thérèse of the Carmelite Monastery in Wolverhampton
  • Page 9 “Peace Sunday” by Fr Ashley Beck
  • Page 10 “Septuagesima,” thoughts on Newman by Revd Dr Stephen Morgan
  • Page 11 “Our Window on the CofE “ by The Revd Paul Benfield
  • Page 12 “The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries” by Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane
  • Page 17 “The Aventine Hill” by Donato Tallo
  • Page 18 “Two mins from the Skripals’!” by Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane
  • Page 20 “Helping Syrian students to help others in need” by Josué Villaión
  • Page 21 “Epiphany Carols” by Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane
  • Page 22 “Anoint and cheer our soiléd face…” by Fr Michael Halsall
  • Page 23 “Apologia Pro Beata Maria Virgine,” a review by Simon Dennerly
  • Page 24 “Is all well at the Vatican?” by Geoffrey Kirk