Click here to view the May 2019 issue of The Portal on our sister community’s website. Members of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in the United Kingdom publish The Portal monthly.

It features news and comment, events, personalities, Catholic teaching, letters, features, Catholic and Anglican history as well as news from Ordinariate missions around the UK.

This edition includes:

    • “Leaving and joining – the journey of converts” — Will Burton
    • “Male and female” – Joanna Bogle reflects on gender and freedom
    • “A personal journey” – Snapdragon
    • “Chrism Mass 2019” – Lucy Day reports from Warwick Street
    • “The Papal Nuncio – HE Archbishop Edward Adams”
    • “Solidarity and Paris” – Fr Ashley Beck
    • “Newman and the Chinese scholar, Ma Xiangbo”– Revd Dr Stephen Morgan
    • “Church & State” – how it works – The Revd Paul Benfield
    • “Down Your Way” – Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane visit the Bristol Ordinariate Group
    • “News from the Ordinariate around the UK”
    • “The Shrines of Britain” – Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane visit Fernyhalgh in Lancashire
    • “Helping heal children’s trauma in Syria” – Irmina Nockiewicz reports
    • “OLW visits Warwick Street”
    • Fr Michael Halsall writes “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation”
    • “Do you need ID? Science and Christianity in conflict?” – Not according to Fr Simon Heans
    • “What is it with Francis and kissing?” – Geoffrey Kirk wants to know