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This issue features an article by and a chronology of newly-canonized St John Henry Newman. This issue also contains articles and writings by contemporary and classic authors as well as announcements of upcoming events and news and notes for our combined congregation and community.

This month’s contents include:

  • “Coming into Port after a Rough Sea,” an excerpt from Apologia Pro Vita Sua by St John Henry Newman
  • “Chronology of John Henry Newman” from The Catholic Response
  • “All Souls Day” by Pope Benedict XVI
  • “Possession of Our Selves,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford
  • “Some Things Never Change,” a reading from 2 Peter
  • “Preparation for Death” by Anthony Bloom
  • “Open to the Love of God” by St Catherine of Genoa
  • “What a Christian Believes about Death” by H. A. Wilson
  • “Christ Came to Till the Soil” by Saint Macarius