If you signed up to receive Contra Mundum by mail, you should receive your August 2020 issue soon. You can also read it here on our website as well as all of the back issues.

Our parish paper brings you up to date on upcoming events and news for our our combined congregation and community. It also contains articles and writings by contemporary and classic authors.

This month’s issue includes updates on the COVID-19 directives and the following:

  • “God vs Caesar,” a homily preached by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference
  • “Rest in Peace – Bruce Rand” by Father Bradford
  • “Blessed Are the Peacemakers,” a letter by Father Daniel P. Moloney, former chaplain at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • “Christian Rights and Those of Others” by Father Bradford
  • “Revisiting Evangelium Vitae,” an article by Dr Helen Alvaré reprinted from The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants newsletter
  • “For the Sake of Doing Good, a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Whole Christ,” an excerpt of a sermon by Blessed Isaac of Stella
  • “Mary’s Assumption,” a poem by Fr Alfred J. Barrett, SJ