If you signed up to receive Contra Mundum by mail, you should receive your April 2021 issue soon. You can also read it here on our website as well as all of the back issues.

Our parish paper provides updates on upcoming events and news for our our combined congregation and community. It also contains sermons and articles by Father Bradford, and articles and writings by contemporary and classic authors:

  • “Gods Search for Us,” an article developed from a sermon preached by Father Bradford
  • “Ordinariate Daily Office” by parishioner John Covert
  • “Regina Caeli”
  • “Thanks for the Holy Resurrection,” a Fourth Century table blessing attributed to St Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria
  • “Waiting at the Lord’s Tomb” Byzantine Liturgy
  • “The Sun Dances” by Alexander Carmichael
  • “This Is the Morne” by Richard Crashaw
  • “Great Conversion Stories: Richard Crashaw” by John Janaro
  • “The Return to Galilee” by His Holiness Pope Francis
  • “The Search for Perfection” by Venerable Fulton J. Sheen