We are all aware of the new surge in Covid infections and the increasing numbers of breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people. This is caused by the highly infectious delta variant. In a desire to insure we continue to worship in a healthy place, I am requiring, effective immediately (August 10, 2021), that all parishioners and visitors attending our indoor Ordinariate services in Chestnut Hill wear a mask. This mask is to cover both mouth and nose. This mask may be removed only to receive communion. We will also return to the practice of kneeling (or standing) one by one at a single prayer desk to receive the Blessed Sacrament. The celebrant will continue to be masked and apply a disinfectant to his hands as a precaution.

Some of our people may not believe a mask mandate should be required at this time. Wear a mask anyway, for the sake of those who are concerned for their safety, and for those who are unvaccinated or unable to be vaccinated for health reasons. In this way the Holy Mass will continue to provide all of us with heavenly nourishment and not become a cause of anxiety.

Father Bradford

More information on our Covid-19 protocols is here.