If you signed up to receive Contra mundum by mail, you should receive your January 2022 issue soon. You can also read it here on our website as well as all of the back issues.

Our parish paper provides religious instruction, news, and upcoming events for our our combined congregation and community. It also contains sermons and articles by Father Bradford, and articles and writings by contemporary and classic authors.

This month’s issue includes:

  • “Four Marks of the Church,” an excerpt by Monsignor Ronald Knox
  • “Walk the Walk” by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem
  • “Welcomed by Those Who Need Saving” by Father Bradford
  • “Enter by Way of Little Streams” by Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • “Our Second Birth” by Bishop Faustus of Riez 
  • “Who Keeps the Pro-Life Movement Alive” by Monsignor William M. Helmick 
  • “We are Only Christians if We Encounter Christ” by Pope Benedict XVI