If you signed up to receive Contra mundum by mail, you should receive your December 2022 issue soon. You can also read it here on our website as well as all of the back issues.

Our parish paper provides religious instruction, news, and upcoming events for our our combined congregation and community. It also contains sermons and articles by Father Bradford, and articles and writings by contemporary and classic authors.

This month’s issue includes:

  • “Advent in the Tangled Trials of Life” by William Edmund Fahey
  • “He Will be Great”by Dom Anscar Vonier, O.S.B.
  • “Ember Days” by Father Bradford
  • “For the Sake of Doing Good” by Father Bradford
  • “The Curative Regimen of Jesus” by Anthony Esolen
  • “This Kind of Birth” by Saint Leo the Great
  • “Continue Unwaveringly in Hope,” an excerpt from Gaudium et spes