Contra Mundum

Content selected by Father Richard S. Bradford
Edited by parishioner, Susan J. Russo
Contra Mundum is our monthly parish paper. It includes articles and sermons by Father Bradford, articles and other writings by noted classic and contemporary authors, news and notes for the congregation, and announcements of upcoming events.
The most recent issues are here and the online archives are here.

Anglicans and the Roman Catholic Church

Edited by parishioner, Stephen E. Cavanaugh, Ignatius Press 2011
Excerpt: Introduction by Father Allan R. G. Hawkins
This volume contains 12 essays concerning the relations, both historical and current, between Anglicans and the Roman Catholic church.  Many of the essays were originally papers presented at various Anglican Use Conferences and essays which appeared in Anglican Embers, the journal of the Anglican Use Society. Mr. David Burt, another parishioner, is also a contributor to this anthology.

Partridge Hill Press

Managed by parishioner, C. David Burt
Publications of Partridge Hill Press include bound copies of Contra Mundum Volumes I-V and VI-X, The Anglican Use Office, The Anglican Use Gradual, The Anglican Use Antiphonal, and The Miracle of Pentecost, which contains Acts 2:1-11 in many different languages.