Bible Study and Book Discussion

We offer two opportunities for Bible study and book discussion:

Bible Study on Sunday Mornings at St Lawrence Church

A friendly and informative Bible Study group meets at 10:15 am in the sacristy to the left as you are facing the altar. The usual schedule is to meet on the second and fourth Sundays from September through May.

The next study, on October 28th, is on the Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs).

Please feel free to come and check out this group at any time. For more information, email Susan.

Bible and Book Discussion Group on Friday Evenings in Groveland

An ongoing Bible and book discussion group meets on Friday evenings at Kevin and Cindi’s home in Groveland. The group is studying The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation published by Ascension Press.  You can read more here.

Please feel free to join this group at any time. For more information on the group or topics, email Corrine; for directions and parking details, email Kevin.