Volume XXIV: August 2021 to July 2022

Father Richard Bradford and the Congregation of Saint Athanasius have published Contra Mundum, our parish paper, monthly since 1998 to provide religious instruction and news of the congregation.

Issue 1. August 2021:

  • “The Profoundly Supernatural Character” by The Provost of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “The Power of Prayer” by Tertullian
  • “A Proof of the Truth” by Saint John Chrysostom
  • “A Redemptive Function to Perform” by C. S. Lewis
  • “On the Love of God” by Saint Bernard
  • “Martyrdom of Love” by Saint Jane Frances deChantal
  • “A Change of Heart” by Father Bradford

Issue 2. September 2021:

  • “A Month of Marian Celebration” by The Provost of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “Please Help Save the Hyde Amendment”
  • “Hospitality and the Works of Charity” from from Homily 23 by Pope St. Gregory the Great
  • “The Patient Approach of Divine Wisdom,” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “You Don’t Have to Keep It in Church” by William A Donahue
  • “The Whole Truth about Christ” by John Janaro
  • “Pleased with Mary, God Gave Her the Word” by Saint Catherine of Siena
  • “A Report from Our Business Manager” submitted by Rick Timmerman, Finance and Operations Manager

Issue 3. October 2021:

  • “Intimacy with God” by Father Bradford
  • “Books for Your Consideration”
  • “To Shine Like Gold” by Father Victor de la Vierge, OCD
  • “Even Antichrist Has a Guardian Angel” by Dom Anscar Vonier, OSB
  • “Enamored of Smallness” by Luis Maria Martinez
  • “She Knew Where She Was Going,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford
  • “Saint Who?” from Magnificat
  • “The Communion of Saints” by Father Richard Phelps, SSC

Issue 4. November 2021:

  • “A Strange and Wonderful Way,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford
  • “Entering into the Real Paschal Mystery,” an excerpt from Gaudium et spes
  • “The Real Counterforce Against Evil” by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
  • “Father Junipero Serra” by John Garvey, President of The Catholic University of America
  • “Let the Gospel Circulate in Our Life” by Pope Francis
  • “The Two Comings of Christ” by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

Issue 5. December 2021:

  • “What is This Word?,” a portion of a Christmas Day sermon preached by N. T. Wright
  • “Everything Stands Present to God,” an excerpt from a reflection by The Very Reverend Romanus Cessario
  • “God Remembers,” a reflection by Father Vincent Nagle, F.S.C.B.
  • “Sons in the Son by Divine Adoption,” an excerpt from a sermon preached by Saint John Paul II
  • “A Day of Universal Joy” by St Peter Canisius
  • “Charity,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford

Issue 6. January 2022:

  • “Four Marks of the Church,” an excerpt by Monsignor Ronald Knox
  • “Walk the Walk” by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem
  • “Welcomed by Those Who Need Saving” by Father Bradford
  • “Enter by Way of Little Streams” by Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • “Our Second Birth” by Bishop Faustus of Riez 
  • “Who Keeps the Pro-Life Movement Alive” by Monsignor William M. Helmick 
  • “We are Only Christians if We Encounter Christ” by Pope Benedict XVI

Issue 7. February 2022:

  • “Liturgical Dance of the Very Highest Order,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford
  • “Candles as a Gift of Thanks” about Saint Blaise
  • “Devoted to the Passion of Our Lord” about Saint Robert Southwell
  • “The Grace to Answer Correctly,” an article by the Provost of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “In Honor of Our Holy Father” by Pierre-Marie Dumont
  • “Attraction to Beauty” by John Janaro

 Issue 8. March 2022:

  • “Lent a Silent Awakening of a Desire to Love God,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford
  • “Ashes Waiting to be Washed Away” by Father Richard Veras
  • “The Opportunity to Repent” by Pope Saint Clement
  • “To Penetrate the Surface” by the Provost of the Brompton Oratory
  • “O My Saviour Receive Your Traveler” by Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet
  • “A Masterpiece of God’s Wisdom” by Dom Anscar Vonier, O.S.B.

Issue 9. April 2022

  • “Fearless and Unembarrassed Proclamation” by the the Provost from the parish paper of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “The Alienating Effects of Sin” by Father Romanus Cessario, OP
  • “Small Ways Add Up,” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Loving Gentleness of Jesus” by Saint Aelred
  • “Baptism Coming into Broad Daylight” from the The Jerusalem Catecheses attributed to St Cyril of Jerusalem
  • “Morality Cannot Be Divorced from Religion” by Judge Robert Bork

Issue 10. May 2022

  • “The True Wisdom Took Flesh,” an excerpt from the Four Discourses by Saint Athanasius
  • “May Is Mary’s Month” by Pope Saint Paul VI
  • “The Hot-Button Topic,” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “They Spoke with Such Confidence,” a portion of a sermon by Saint John Chrysostom
  • “The Whole Pattern of Our Life” by Baroness Maria von Trapp
  • “The Ascension Prepares a Place for Us” from The Catechism of the Council of Trent

Issue 11. June 2022

  • “Sin Against the Holy Ghost,” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “For Life in the Spirit” by Father Donald Allchin 
  • “How the Incarnate God Keeps His Promise” by Father David Vincent Meconi, S.J.
  • “Jesus and His Earthly Father” from the Catholic Eye
  • “A Supreme Visible Head” by Father John Goter
  • “Jesus Is Ready to Give What He Asks of You” by Saint John Paul II
  • “Blessed Ralph Milner” from Magnificat magazine

Issue 12. July 2022

  • “The Father of Lies Hides His Victims,” from an address by Dr. Peter Kreeft
  • “For Our Country” by The Revd George Lyman Locke
  • “Underlying Good Intention,” sermon by Fr Richard Bradford
  • “The Peoples Republic of Cambridge” by Fr Richard Bradford
  • “Without Forgetting You are a Christian” by Sydney Smith
  • “Problems” by Fr Andrew, S.D.C.
  • “Hope Only in the Mercy of God” by Saint John of Ávila
  • “Through Charity” by Robert Cardinal Sarah

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