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Fr. Bradford and the Congregation of Saint Athanasius have published Contra Mundum monthly since 1998 to provide religious instruction and news of the congregation. The name of the paper comes from the Latin phrase “Athanasius contra mundum,Athanasius against the world. Originally the Arian Emperor Constantius attempted to browbeat Pope Liberius into excommunicating the Bishop of Alexandria (Who are you to stand up for Athanasius against the world?). The phrase subsequently became attached to the man himself, who spent 17 years in 5 different exiles ordered by 4 Emperors, all because he would not cease teaching orthodox Catholicism in the face of heresy.

Every issue of Contra Mundum includes articles and sermons by Fr. Bradford, articles and other writings by noted authors, news and notes for the congregation and announcements of upcoming events; Stephen Cavanaugh serves as editor. Parishioners as well as many outside the congregation subscribe. To receive Contra Mundum by mail, send an email with your address to Steve Cavanaugh.

The issues for this calendar year follow. The archives with all of the back issues are here.

November 2017:

  • “Latens Deitas” by the Revd. Michael Connolly
  • “The Nature of Salvation by Aidan Nichols, OP, from Epiphany: A Theological Introduction to Catholicism
  • “The Family Constitutes an Irreplaceable Good of Society” by John Paul II
  • “Take a Lesson from Worldly Men,” sermon by Fr. Richard Bradford
  • “On Man’s Mortality” by Saint Cyprian
  • “Introducer to Christ” by Saint John Chrysostam
  • “Humility is Mindful of Our Privilege” by Pope Benedict XVI

October 2017:

  • Notes from the Chaplain: “The Middle East: A Church in Need,” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “A Church Fishing for Souls,” an article by the Provost, from The Oratory Parish Magazine, London, England
  • “Building Up Orthodox Belief,” an excerpt from an article by Rod Dreher in the New York Times
  • “Great Conversion Stories,” an article by John Janaro in Magnificat

September 2017:

  • Notes from the Chaplain: “How It All Began” and “Twentieth Anniversary Events” by Father Bradford
  • “Surrender Everything but Your Faith,” an excerpt from a homily on St. Matthew’s Gospel by Saint John Chrysostom
  • “Divine Freedom,” an excerpt by Fr. George Florovsky, a Russian Orthodox priest and one of the most influential Orthodox theologians of the mid-20th century
  • “Absence Has Consequences,” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “Our Destiny in God,” a sermon preached at Evensong by Fr. Thomas M. Morris
  • “To Live Out of Deep Conviction,” a message by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

August 2017:

  • “Great Conversion Stories,” an article by John Janaro, Associate Professor Emeritus of Theology in Christendom College
  • “Place Our Hope on the Event of Christ,” an excerpt by Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete, a Puerto Rican theologian, scientist, and a leader of the international Catholic movement, Communion and Liberation.
  • “Two Sides of the Same Coin,” a sermon by Father Richard Bradford
  • “God Does the Most Essential, excerpt from Edith Stein’s Self-portrait in Letters; she was St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a German philosopher and convert to Catholicism from Judaism, and put to death at Auschwitz in 1942
  • “The Head and Body of Christ” by Saint John Eudes, who gave a firm doctrinal basis for devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • “Truth in Advertising,” an excerpt by Reverend Prof. Stephen Noll, an Anglican clergyman who taught for many years at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pa., and in Uganda
  • “Christ Counts for Us,” an excerpt from Images of Hope: Meditations on Major Feasts, by Pope Benedict XVI

July 2017:

  • “Siding with the Lord,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford based on Mark 5:21-43
  • “A Prayer for Our Country” by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York
  • “Running Along the Way” by Saint Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church
  • “The Fount of Joy” by Father Servais Pinckaers, OP, and Professor of Moral Theology at Freiburg
  • “To Believe What God Has Revealed” by the Provost, from The Oratory Magazine, the parish paper of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “The Climate Change Debate” by Simon Caldwell, from The Daily Mail

June 2017:

  • “A Full Revealing” by Father Bradford
  • “The Fear of the Lord,” an excerpt from his treatise on the Psalms by Saint Hilary,  praised by Augustine and Jerome as “the illustrious teacher of the churches”
  • “The Body That Gives Life,” an excerpt from his treatise on the Mysteries by Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan
  • “Fathers,” an excerpt from “The End of Man,” a sermon by Austin Farrer, an Anglican clergyman and theologian, much respected in the Catholic Church
  • “Letter of John Paul II on the Sacred Heart” on the occasion of the third centenary of the death of Saint Margaret Mary
  • “A Day Made Holy by the Apostles’ Blood” by St Augustine of Hippo, one of the four Latin Doctors of the Church (with Ambrose, Jerome, and Gregory)
  • “The Life of Frances Chesterton,” an excerpt from The Woman Who Was Chesterton by Nancy Carpenter Brown

May 2017:

  • “The Weapons the Devil Fears Most,” an article from The Oratory Magazine, a publication of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “The Rock That Followed Them,” an excerpt from The Treatise Against Heresies by Saint Irenaeus
  • “Christ’s Test of Our Christianity,” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Visible Image,” an excerpt by Origen on John 14:9
  • “Using Outward Actions,” an excerpt by Saint Bernardino of Siena on John 11:41

April 2017:

  • “Who Spake by the Prophets” by Reverend Deacon Michael J. Connolly
  • “The Shadow Of Christ,” an excerpt from Spirituality by Father Sertillanges, a French Dominican philosopher and writer
  • “The Hour For Which He Came,” an excerpt by Bishop Robert Barron from And Now I See
  • “Unshakable Serenity,” an excerpt from Mirror of Charity by Saint Aelred, considered the most influential English monk of the 12th century
  • “Children, Have Ye Any Meat?,” sermon by Father Bradford

March 2017:

  • “Grow in Your Love of Jesus,” a lenten message from George Cardinal Pell
  • “The Business of the Soul,” a sermon from Father Bradford
  •  “A Generous Spirit Is Great Wealth” by Saint Leo the Great
  • “Purifying Sorrow” by Father Walter Hilton
  • “Deeper Renunciation” by Abbot Andrew Marr
  • “Christ the True High Priest” by Origen
  • “Part of the Family” by Séan Patrick Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap., Archbishop of Boston

February 2017:

  • “In The Know,”a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Flower,” a poem by George Herbert
  • “Unceasing Remembrance of God” by Saint John Cassian
  • “Pre-Lent, Septuagesima” by J. W. C. Wand
  • “The Strength and Love of Jesus” by Sister Wendy Beckett
  • “Created for Prayer” by Tito Colliander
  • “Reformed after the Fashion of Christ” by Father Bede Jarrett, OP

January 2017:

  • “Stewardship of Creation,” an address by Pope Benedict XIV
  • “A Visible Church,” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Epiphany Star” by Saint Gregory the Great
  • “To Make The Water Holy” by Saint Maximus Of Turin
  • “The Church Fathers I Never Saw (Part 2)” by Marcus Grodi

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