Parish Paper

Fr. Bradford and the Congregation of Saint Athanasius have published Contra Mundum monthly since 1998 to provide religious instruction and news of the congregation. The name of the paper comes from the Latin phrase “Athanasius contra mundum,Athanasius against the world. Originally the Arian Emperor Constantius attempted to browbeat Pope Liberius into excommunicating the Bishop of Alexandria (Who are you to stand up for Athanasius against the world?). The phrase subsequently became attached to the man himself, who spent 17 years in 5 different exiles ordered by 4 Emperors, all because he would not cease teaching orthodox Catholicism in the face of heresy.

Every issue of Contra Mundum includes articles and sermons by Fr. Bradford, articles and other writings by noted authors, news and notes for the congregation and announcements of upcoming events; Susan Russo serves as editor. Parishioners as well as many outside the congregation subscribe. To receive Contra Mundum by mail, email Susan Russo, editor, with your address.

This calendar year’s issues follow. The archives with all of the back issues are here.


  • “The Window in the Wall,” sermon preached by Fr Bradford on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi
  • “Finding Room in God Forever,” an excerpt from a sermon by His Holiness Benedict XVI
  • “The Church a Living Whole,” an article by The Provost in The Oratory Parish Magazine, a publication of the Brampton (London) Oratory
  • “His Son and Hers,” an excerpt by Fr Henry James Coleridge from The Seven Words of Mary: Derived from St Bernardine of Siena
  • “An Amazing Sacrifice,” an excerpt from a sermon by Saint Peter Chrysologus a Doctor of the Church
  • “Serving the State’s Agenda,” from an article in The Catholic Herald by David Warren, a writer and journalist based in Toronto
  • “Hell Is Church Doctrine,” in response to the reporting of Pope Francis denying the existence of hell, The Boston Herald sought parishioner Peter Kreeft’s opinion on the subject
  • “Patriotism: A Moral Obligation,” an article in the “From the Pastor” column of the Newsletter of St Athanasius Parish, Reading, Mass.; Fr Darin Colarusso is the Pastor


  • “It Is the Lord,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford
  • “The Fundamental Proclamation of the Christian Faith,” a sermon delivered by Father Romanus Cessario, OP, Professor of Systematic Theology in St John Seminary, Brighton, and Senior Editor of Magnificat magazine.
  • “What You Have to Decide,” an excerpt from In Soft Garments by Monsignor Ronald Knox (1888-1957), a convert and English Catholic priest, author, broadcaster on the BBC, and Chaplain at Oxford University
  • “Saint Mark the Evangelist and Martyr,” an article from Athletes of God by Father Shirley C. Hughson, OHC (1867-1949), Superior of the Anglican Order of the Holy Cross
  • “In the Joy of Meeting Again,” an excerpt from Mark: Meditations for a Community by Adrienne von Speyer, a Swiss Catholic, physician, and theologian
  • “But the Father Favored Him,” a brief meditation by His Holiness Benedict XVI, part of a collection titled Holy Days
  • “The Greatest Amnesty of All,” an excerpt from a lecture Sean Patrick Cardinal O’Malley, our Archbishop, delivered to the School of Theology and Ministry in Boston College titled The Eucharist and Our Formation as the People of the Church
  • “A Table Blessing” attributed to Saint Athanasius
  • “Easter,” a poem by George Herbert (1593-1633), among the finest poets of the Church of England
  • “The Story That Ends Well” by Father Vincent Nagle, F.S.C.B., an author, guest preacher, and contributor to Magnificat magazine


  • “Powers of Three” by the Reverend Deacon Michael J. Connolly who is incardinated as Archdeacon in the Armenian Eparchy of Our Lady of Nareg in the United States and Canada
  • “What It Means To Be With Jesus,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford in St Theresa of Ávila Church
  • “Holy Oils and the Chrism Mass” from A Concord Pastor Comments
  • “A Burning Bush” by Father Wilson, a priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn and long-time friend of our congregation
  • “The Gate of Our Final Loneliness” by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI who reigned as pope from 2005 to 2013.
  • “Glory in the Cross of Christ,” an excerpt from Saint Cyril of Jerusalem’s famous Catechetical Lectures


  • “Candlemas: a Feast of Light,” an article by by the Provost, which appeared in The Oratory Parish Magazine, a publication of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “The Father’s Answer Was Yes,” a sermon preached by Father Bradford in the Saint Gregory the Great Ordinariate Parish, Stoneham, Massachusetts on the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, February 22, 2016
  • “Turning Government into God,” an article by G.K. Chesterton, which first appeared in the New York American on July 9, 1932
  • “The Opportunities of Lent,” an excerpt from one of the 96 sermons of Saint Leo the Great that survive
  • “No Christmas Carols in India,” an excerpt from an article published in the December 25, 2017 edition of The New York Times
  • “Saint Anthony of Egypt” who lived from c.251-356; his feast day is January 17th, a Wednesday this year.

January 2018:

  • “Nothing but Euphemisms,” an article by Father Richard Bradford
  • “The Baptism of the Lord,” a sermon by Bishop Peter Elliott from The Oratory Parish Magazine
  • “Human Personhood,” an excerpt of an article by Dr Peter Kreeft from “More Featured Writing” on his website
  • “The Damascus Road” by Father Andrew, S.D.C.
  • “Without the Feeling of Grace,” a sermon by Father Richard Bradford
  • “The Island Prison, Cuba, January 1998,” an excerpt from the newly published book, Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St John Paul II, by George Weigel