Summer Altar Flowers

Our sign-up for summer altar flowers begins on Memorial Day weekend, with flowers needed for Sundays in June through September. Our Summer Altar Flower Chart is available for sign-up and may be found on Sundays at the coffee hour.

Choose any dates appropriate for family anniversaries, etc. Two arrangements of a substantial size are needed for the high altar on each side of the tabernacle. If you prefer, sign up for one smaller arrangement for the Marian altar, or both! Flowers may be from your local florist or your own garden, and you may take them home with you after Mass.

But be sure to sign up to avoid duplication of flowers one week and none the next. Please indicate high altar, Marian altar, or both.

There are glass vases in the kitchen that you can use or bring you own. Kevin McDermott also has a pair of gold-tone vases that you can arrange to use.